Battery Storage Systems

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Unlike many other solar companies, Sun State Solar is fully certified to design and install stand-alone solar systems with battery storage capabilities. Off-grid systems are suitable when connection to local energy infrastructure is not available or not feasible due to the costs involved. Common applications include remote accommodation sites, solar farms, solar water pumping, mining applications, telecommunications and remote commercial sites. When you engage Sun State Solar for your PV system we design and install for your personal or business needs as well as taking into account the site characteristics. In this way we can provide you with a system that will perform as expected, not just as promoted by a sales person.

Grid Connected Battery Storage Systems

Just because your premises is connected to the mains electricity grid does not mean that you cannot benefit from energy storage systems. Battery storage systems can be an effective way for businesses to shift their energy demand window for a more economical operation. With a battery storage system, you can charge the system overnight, during off-peak tariff times, for use during the day when peak electricity charges apply. With ever increasing electricity prices, this option is rapidly becoming a commercially attractive alternative to reduce the operational costs of your business.

Mining Industry Solutions

We can design and install specialized telemetry units and skid-base power generation and battery storage units perfectly suited for the mining and related industries. Please contact us for more information about how we can deliver a solution for your needs.