Commercial Case Study – Kings Creek Solar Farm

Kings Creek 30kW Solar Farm

Kings Creek Solar Install View 1

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Kings Creek Solar Install View 2

Solar Tracker Array - Close Up

This array uses solar tracker technology to enhance overall system performance by tracking the direction of the sun throughout the day.

Solar Tracker Array - Front View

Kings Creek Solar Farm - 30kW Grid Connected Solar PV

Solar Tracker Array - Side View

The array consists of 3 rows of 6 solar trackers, with 8 panels per tracker.

Solar Tracker Array - Behind

This image was taken at the beginning of the day as the system starts operation

Kings Creek Solar Farm - Inverters

Additionally this system uses three SMA 10kW three-phase Inverters for power conversion to the grid.

SMA Sunny Portal Monitoring

The integration of a SMA Sunny Webbox and associated software allows remote analysis of system performance.

Tigo Solar Optimizer

Additionally, Tigo Solar Optimizer units have been installed on each solar module to allow near real-time detailed remote monitoring, ensuring maximum system performance at all times.

Name: Kings Creek Solar Farm
Client: Queensland Windmill and Solar
Location: Clifton, Qld
Rated Power: 28.8kWp
Est Yearly Yield: 39,945 kWh
Panels: 144 x 200W Astronergy CHSM5612M Panels
Inverters: 3 x SMA STP10000TL

In 2013, this grid-connected photo voltaic power system was completed in co-operation with Queensland Windmill & Solar on a property near Warwick, located approximately 130km South-West of Brisbane, Queensland. The installation utilises solar tracking arrays designed and manufactured by Queensland Windmill and Solar; SMA inverters and a Tigo Energy Solar Optimizer monitoring system to ensure maximum performance of the system, no matter what daily or seasonal conditions are present.