Energy Management Services

In the next few years the way organisations and individuals use energy is set to change forever.  Conservative estimates have electricity costs doubling within 15 years, which is an increase of over 5% p.a. Major price spikes are soon expected due to rising generation, transmission and distribution costs.

How will this affect your bottom line?

Organisations are now under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.  This pressure has generally been applied via public perception of your brand, but now, new pressures will be applied to your bottom line via various government programs regardless of any Energy Trading Scheme. By improving energy efficiency, reducing energy wastage and using clean energy products you can take an innovative leap forward, drive down your carbon foot print and simultaneously increase your bottom line.

That’s why we believe in:

Cleaner Production – Smarter Consumption

Energy Management Services:

  • Design and installation of Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Logging and Compliance Reporting Services
  • Energy Auditing (L1, L2 & L3 AS3598)
  • Energy Efficient Fittings
  • Smart Building Design

Government Compliance Programs That May Affect Your Bottom Line

National and state regulations now require annual mandatory reporting of Energy consumption for most organisations.   Please see our Government Programs page to see if this applies to your organisation.

Current government programs include:

  • Australian Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act
  • Queensland Government Smart Energy Savings Program

Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems (EMS) are computer based controllers that reduce energy consumption by eliminating wasted energy.  This is achieved by monitoring and regulating appliance and fixture usage.

Examples of what an EMS can do:

  • Efficiently automate production processes
  • Manage lighting and Air Conditioning by only operating during office hours or only if someone is in the room
  • Eliminate redundant energy usage

An EMS can be tailored to suit your environment and needs, so talk to Sun State Solar about a solution to suit your organisation.

Energy logging and reporting services

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Energy logging and profiling is essential to creating a benchmark for your organisation; usually in conjunction with energy auditing.Energy profiling allows you to establish when and where your energy is being used and track the progress of any energy management improvements.Government programs and capital works projects often have requirements to log energy usage for compliance and reporting purposes.Sun State Solar can log and compile regular reports tailored to the needs of your organisation.