Energy Management Techniques

Sun State Solar has a proven track record in delivering high quality commercial solutions for its clients. In addition, we can provide a number of alternative energy management techniques to help your business reduce its energy demand.

Energy Demand Reduction

Larger scale grid-connected solar systems can provide a solution to your operational energy demands, particularly due to the fact that the majority of the energy produced by these systems can be used directly by the premises during normal business hours. Directly creating savings from your reduced peak demand electricity costs.

Peak Energy Modification

Daily energy profiles can be adjusted through the use of alternative generation and storage systems to ensure that a business is consuming the least amount of energy from the electricity grid during periods of high demand and the maximum amount during low demand periods when electricity prices are at their lowest.

peak demand shifting 2

Transformer Upgrade Alternative

If your business requires a transformer upgrade due to increasing electricity demands, you may want to consider the alternative of a solar PV installation to cover the increased energy requirements. In many cases this may work out as a cheaper option to a costly infrastructure upgrade.

Complimentary Energy Source

Solar installations can be used to compliment other energy supplies such as grid-connected electricity or diesel generators. By utilising this option, operations such as pumping stations can benefit from reduced fuel costs and reduced maintenance costs due to the minimised operation of the main generator.